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Whether you’re on or off duty, police jackets can make your squad stand out as an authority. Ranging from durable cotton duck work jackets to comfortable fleece jackets perfect for fundraisers and social events, designing the perfect police jacket is easy using our online designer tools. Upload your design, logo, text or use one of the hundreds of free design templates to make the perfect jacket for your needs.

Any of our police or bomber jacket styles can be made to order and customized to meet your needs. Color, size, and features can be altered for an additional fee and extended production time. We also carry Hi-Viz bomber jackets, 5.11 tactical fleece jackets, Aggressor parkas, RAID response jackets, 5-in-1 jackets, and more.

The primary goal of Tas Mania is to fulfill all your uniform needs no matter what law enforcement agency you belong to. From tailored leather jackets to custom load bearing vest carriers (external vest carriers), We’ll work with your department to meet your design specifications and needs. Tas Mania is proud to be the leading supplier of protective leather jackets for law enforcement officers. Our expertly designed jacket is the only uniform jacket that can easily be wiped down with sanitary wipes/disinfectant spray to help prevent the spread of COVID 19. The jacket also repels blood, saliva, and other contaminants.

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